Avoid common iPhone 6 problems with our tips

Although the iPhone is one of the most stunning and advanced phones on the market, they do have their fair share of problems, which all of us consumers know too well. We have a list of the most common iPhone problems and how you can fix them.

Poor battery life

The majority of iPhone 6S owners have found that the battery life is more than disappointing. As we know with most smartphones, they last no longer than a day, but there may be a reason why the iPhone’s battery life is much worse than others.

There has been some talk about two variants of the A9 processer chip in the latest designs, one built by Samsung and one by TSMC. Supposedly, the Samsung chip results in less battery life.

Have your phone fixed in 30 minutes

If this has been occurring for some time, then it may be possible that you need a new battery fitted into your iPhone 6S device. A replacement service will change your faulty battery with a brand new, fully functioning one. Find out more.

Batteries typically last around 18 months, and after this time frame you may experience drained phones or the phone dying when there is still charge left. So, after your replacement service you will be able to enjoy your phone without having to worry about it dying whilst you’re out.

Ever experienced a home button too hot to touch?

Even if you haven’t experienced this, many users have. They have found that after charging their phone the Touch ID home button is extremely hot to touch and stops working, despite the rest of the phone not feeling as hot. See what others said.

How can you sort this problem?

To temporarily solve the issue, we suggest holding the home button and the sleep/wake button at the same time for 10 seconds. This will restart the phone and an Apple logo will appear to let you know it has turned back on. However, as previously said this will only resolve the issue for a short period of time and can return. Find out about device safety.