Small business technology

Are you a small business entrepreneur in need of some computer help? Wanting some technology advice? Not sure where to go for support and information?

Love it or hate it, if you want to succeed in business, there’s really no getting away from computers, technology and the internet. Find out about business software.

Moving computer – data migration software

Moving a computer is a lot like moving house. We have become so dependent on our computers, building them up over years, tweaking our personal settings, installing useful bits of software, arranging our data files – the thought of losing our computer is traumatic.

But with the ever-changing technology and the cost of hi-spec computers coming down all the time, we are faced with a dilemma when it comes to purchasing a new computer.

We want the new technology, but we don’t want the hassle of transferring our old data in the computer move. See cloud support.

We know that we will have to spend many days playing around to get the new computer to a state where we can really restart our work, and 9 times out of 10, we will have to refer back to our old computers for bits of data that we forgot to transfer or programs for which we don’t have the installation disks.

The ‘Internet of Things’ and your business

Part of having a business is constantly trying to updating its feature in order to make it more efficient. This includes the use of smart devices, from heating and lighting to doors and CCTV.

While these interconnected devices can create great efficiency within your business, they can also hinder efficiency, by causing breaches in security.

If you want to increase your business’ use of smart devices, you should make sure that you have a data network and cabling capable of delivering for these devices.

Many businesses are turning to apps

Develop an app today and Red Sky DigitalWithout a doubt, having an app for your business can boost sales, increase visibility and improve engagement between you and the customer.

More people are using mobile than any other form of device meaning you should keep up with the latest trends to meet the needs of your clients.

Red Sky Digital is a leading app development agency in Bangkok. As well as developing the app for you, they will design the app with you to ensure it is something that meets your criteria. Visit their website.

Once the app has been created, Red Sky Digital can guide you through marketing, user feedback and analysing analytics to really get the best out of your new venture.

Giving your business that extra security

Improve your business security with surveillance camerasAs well as this, it is important that offices have vast security measures in place.

Having the right IP security system can save you money and prevent any security breaches in the future.

Benefits for having such vast measures in place include, having control over who enters your facility and/or restricted areas, prevents unauthorised access and will have a 24/7 physical security barrier due to CCTV and intruder alarms.

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Access control systems available:

  • Access cards
  • Bio-metric access
  • Proximity fobs