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Ensim Pro Control Panel

Ensim are the leading providers of control panel for business websites. Highly stable and secure, it provides a reliable platform for you to manage your website. All the important aspects of website management are expertly integrated, allowing you direct control over the fundamental basis of your website. Additionally, Ensim high security sites run in their own jailed environment, giving Ensim the edge over competitors.

250Mb Disk Space

Ample storage space to accommodate a small business site. You could store over 1600 150kb images on a 250Mb account, enough for even the most graphic intensive website. The website you are browsing now totals less than 2Mb in size, including all pages, graphics and files.

High-powered server

Your website will be hosted on a Quad Opteron server running the stable Redhat Enterprise software. The servers are located in a private rack in London’s Redbus data facility. Your server is protected by redundant UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply) and backup generator, and protected by 24 hour armed guard patrols and served by over a dozen Gigabit Ethernet channels from multiple backbone providers. We currently do not offer Windows servers.