Top Tips for Keeping Your Devices Safe

Having new gadgets is always so exciting and you sometimes feel you want to show them off, but what’s the point in enjoying them if you can’t keep them protected and increase their life span? Without properly securing your device you could face all sorts of troubles including data theft. See latest news.

Setting a password

On iPhone’s you can set passwords before having access to your phone and on other devices there are settings to lock your SIM card. The main reason people have a password on their phone is to prevent others from having access to sensitive information such as online accounts. You can also do this on computers, laptops and other electrical devices. Keep reading.

Tips for settings a code:

  • Make sure it is a strong password and don’t tell anybody
  • Ensure it is memorable
  • Turn ON the data wiping mode if password guessed wrong too many times

Backing up data

Sometimes the worst case scenario happens and you have either had your device stolen, lost it or damaged it.  The feeling of losing treasured pictures, videos and important contacts can be devastating and it is something we all wish to avoid. See: What is the best way to back up data?

Remind yourself to regularly backup your data that is stored on your device so if this does happen, you can easily restore it all with ease.

Designing a case

As the majority of our beloved devices are portable, it means they are more susceptible to scratches, tears and smashed screens and the cost of a repair can make this thought frightening. But, what if we were to say there is a way to prevent this from happening?

We highly suggest buying a case for your device quite soon after actually purchasing the latest technology. You can forget about boring looking cases they go out of trend far too often by making your own.

At Wrappz you have the option of adding an endless amount of photos, customising colours and writing a message. Alternatively you can choose from one of their designs. Protect your MacBook today and click here.